Pushing The Boundaries of Conventional Thinking

We’ve brought numerous products to market, from housewares to
exercise equipment.  Take a look at some of our recent work.

VaBroom™ | Smart Broom with Built In Vacuum

Enhance has just launched an innovative new cleaning tool on Kickstarter!  VaBroom effectively eliminates dustpans and saves you from bending over.  That’s right, no more frustrating dustpan lines!  We are market validating the product through pre-sales and utilizing the funds to help with tooling and inventory.  Check out our Kickstarter to learn more and let’s discuss how we can launch your invention!

Hover Cover™ | Microwave Splatter Cover

Enhance developed a proprietary technology with microwave safe magnets, so the splatter cover can remain in the microwave at all times.  When in use, just pull down to cover… then lift to hover!  Further, the unique venting configuration keeps the cover cool to the touch, even during longer cooking times.

True Touch™ | Five Finger Deshedding Glove

In Collaboration with Merchant Media, Enhance developed a five-finger deshedding glove that allowed pet owners to groom their dog or cat, while also showing them love and massaging their coat.

Hurriclean™  |  Toilet Cleaner

Our client, Johnny V, developed a great new brand with strong trademark.  He enlisted Enhance’s licensing and business development team to create impactful sales through widespread distribution by way of As Seen On TV.

Exact Egg Boiler™  |  Boiling Rack

The Exact Egg Boiler is a simple and innovative kitchen product that makes boiling eggs fun and easy.  The funnel design allows six eggs to be rinsed at one time, while the retractable neck makes for compact storage.

Hot Buns™  |  A Fuller Hair Bun

Adding a sock to your hair bun has been a common approach for stylists to create a dramatically fuller look.  In collaboration with Allstar Products Group, Enhance developed the definitive solution for anyone at home to quickly and effectively add volume to your hair bun, simply at home.

Skillet Slingers™  |  Kitchen Tool

Skillet Slinger’s two spatula design is inspired by man’s best tool: our hands.  The claw-like tips work like fingers to pull the meat apart, while the holes in the face of the spatulas grind and crumble the meat when rubbed together.  These features create perfectly crumbled cooked ground meat with minimal effort in half the time.

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