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Hot Buns™ | Hair Accessory

The Challenge

When Taylor Baldwin noticed a growing fad on YouTube of creating fuller hair buns using tube socks, she knew there was an untapped market that girls and women alike would love.

As a successful entrepreneur working as an on-air host and pitch woman in the as seen on TV industry, she began exploring solutions that would work and wanted to introduce the product in a commercial she would produce.

But how do you develop and configure a product with the features and benefits that would appeal to a broad market?

The Solution

It was at the Housewares Show when we initially sat down with her to explore her concept. Within a week our designers ordered nearly every hair product being sold on the market, getting immersed in the industry and testing what worked (and what didn’t) on the female staff members in our office.

Then, working in concert with Ms. Baldwin, our designers sketched numerous solutions and began crude prototyping to test the various ways the product could be constructed.  Finally, Taylor and our designers were able to select the best embodiment to be sold on television and Enhance completed prototyping to be used in the commercial test.

The good news is the product has been a hit, and we are delighted to be a part of making this product a success!

The Results

Day Turnaround

Patentable Features

Million Units Sold

Amazing Result

Hot Buns Highlights

Successfully Licensed

Client received royalties on each product sold

Distributed at Mass Retail

Product sold in thousands of retailers across North America and Europe


Walmart | New Product Idea Success
Bed Bath & Beyond | New Invention Idea Success
Target | New Product Idea Success
Walgreens | Retail Successful Invention Idea


People Magazine | Successful New Invention
Family Circle | New Invention to Successful Product
Woman's Day | Successful New Product Idea
Bethenny | Successful New Invention Idea

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