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Current and past customers share their experience working with Enhance.

“Enhance did a great job capturing the vision of my invention and bringing it to life. I wasn’t able to do a very good prototype, nor could I draw, but the Enhance group kept working and modifying so that my invention turned out better than I expected!”

Sarah R.

Indianapolis, IN

“I just wanted to say thank you again for working on the design of my invention. The more time I spend looking at the materials (specifically the CAD and renderings) the more I recognize the volume of work involved. I am impressed with what you did. I’m hoping that we can work together in the future on other projects I have that may be up and coming!”
Jacob R.

Minneapolis, MN

“Starting with just a few rough sketches I had done myself, Enhance was able to bring my idea to life through their 3D rendering. The results were truly amazing! By breaking down my idea into several pieces, then working together on each piece individually, enabled me to have a greater input to the finer details, this resulted in a finished product that truly reflected what I had in mind. I would recommend Enhance to any inventor as a way to obtain a full 3D realistic image of their idea before going through the costly process of producing a prototype.”

Geoff C.

Sydney, Australia

“After searching the web for a reputable company that could help me get my idea off the ground, I chose Enhance. All I had was an idea and a simple sketch that had hand written notes all over it… Their designers and I worked closely via email and within a few weeks they brought my idea to life. Now I have a fantastic 3D CAD design rendering that I can use in taking the next steps towards getting my idea sold! I am more than impressed & highly recommend the services that Enhance offered and delivered!”

Becky B.

Kalamazoo, MI

“The 3D renderings, logo and sell sheet were awesome! I was very pleased with the feedback that was provided along the way. Lastly, I’m extremely pleased on how quick my rough drawings came alive for me to present my project to companies.”
Joe K.

Dubuque, IA

“I forward my idea to Enhance, sketched out to the best of my knowledge and after a few weeks, my idea was formed into a beautiful creation. The people at Enhance were great to work with, they kept me informed step by step thru out the whole process. I would recommend Enhance to anyone with an idea.”

Bridget K.

Grand Rapids, MI

“I approached Enhance with a concept for a toy that was truly in the idea phase. Together, their team of brilliantly creative, skillful professionals and I brainstormed, problem solved, designed and refined my invention into an interesting product and sales pitch ready to present to potential licensing companies. Throughout the process I was repeatedly impressed by the integrity of the company and the energy the staff put toward making my dreams come true.”
Terah B.

Bellingham, WA

“When I approached Enhance I had only some basic PowerPoint slides and digital pictures of a very crude garage-made prototype. They immediately began working on my project in a very professional manner. They provided excellent suggestions as they developed the realistic 3D virtual prototype and line drawing images, and I was extremely pleased and excited as I witnessed my product come to life. As an inventor, it was very comforting to work with a company that was obviously sincere about wanting to make my product the best that it could be. I highly recommend Enhance!”

Ron B.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

“My experience with Enhance was unbelievable. I am almost at a loss for words actually. Everything from the consultation to the sketches was terrific. Words can’t explain how impressed I was with the effort and how everything was completed in a timely manner.”
Theodis H.

Honolulu, HI

“I chose Enhance to develop my new product “E-Register”. I approached them with a rough sketch and in a matter of weeks I had a well designed product and marketing material to approach investors with. I was very impressed by the level of quality service they provided and will use them for future projects.”
Kevin G.

Mobile, AL

“Enhance is amazing!!! In this day and age of putting people on hold and waiting for them to get back to you. Every single time I called their office, they personally picked up the phone and spoke to me. I only had the 2D drawings and a preliminary virtual prototype, and they made them into a 3D design so that we can now get the manufacturers in Taiwan to give us a bid on the device. Without the help of Enhance, I would still be at square one. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Todd S.

Mission Viejo, CA

“I came up with an idea while on vacation, drew up some sketches and conducted some research online about how to get a product to market. Found Enhance and went with them. Not knowing anything about the whole process I was fortunate to be matched with someone who was patient and took the time to ensure I was comfortable with everything. They were great to work with, seemed to grasp my concept and took my idea to a new level. I would not hesitate to recommend Enhance and would definitely use them again.”
Lori Z.

Tallahassee, FL


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