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At Enhance, our innovative team has the creative vision and know how that is the difference that makes the difference.

From complicated multi-phased projects to simple product concepts, our extensive background and capabilities creates an environment where products flourish and achieve their potential.

Mission Statement

Our constant mission is to commercialize new products. We undertake this quest with a focus on representing inventors and product developers with professionalism, integrity and transparency.

Our approach is to utilize the most effective and innovative solutions to achieve results for our clients. We enthusiastically approach every new project with a spirit of entrepreneurship, sense of urgency and an excitement about the search for innovation.

Principles and Culture

We were founded on the following guiding principles:

  • Professionalism… is how we manage client relationships.
  • Vision… allows us to view horizons beyond our competitors.
  • Entrepreneurship… challenges us to seek new opportunities and roads less traveled.
  • Innovation… fuels our passion and creativity.
  • Excellence… drives us to break barriers and create better solutions.
  • Enthusiasm… is how we act because we love what we do.

Timely Support

There’s no maze or dialing tree to reach customer service.  Call us and reach a live person.

Innovative Ideas

As a smaller design firm, our culture embodies innovative, “out of the box” thinking.

Advanced Technology

From the CAD software to the 3D printer in our office, we are cutting edge.

Clear Communication

Enhance allows direct access to the design team and licensing staff, no intermediaries.

Meet The Crew

Trevor Lambert

Trevor Lambert


Joseph Caswell

Joseph Caswell

Sales and Innovation

Andy Ulseth

Andy Ulseth

Business Development

Tom Grimm

Tom Grimm

Lead Designer

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