Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up or an established company,
Enhance can complement your business by delivering inspirational
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Iterative process prevents unnecessary billable hours.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is our specialty. We are enthusiastic and passionate about the creative process and are dedicated to delivering designs that spark consumer appeal and demand. So if you are seeking to add new SKUs to your product line, reinvigorate stagnant products, or test new concepts with buyers or customers, we can deliver all of your design needs.

Engineering and Prototyping

Developing samples to test and refine the concept prior to production is a crucial step in the product development process. Our engineering group can take the designs and bring them to real life samples using cost effective rapid prototyping means. From 3D printing plastic parts to developing patterns for cut and sew soft goods, our team is equipped and ready to dig in.


Whether you are seeking investors or looking to sell your product to buyers or end-users, the marketing message is a key component to success. That includes the unique selling proposition, feature/benefits, and even the graphic design of sell-sheets, presentations or a promotional video. At Enhance we provide our clients with product-focused marketing consultation and delivery with one goal in mind…selling your product.


Clients with intellectual property often elect to license out their technology as an effective means of distribution.  Partnering with companies well-positioned to sell your product in high volume can be extremely powerful.  At Enhance, our business development team collaborates with companies having strong distribution and complementary brands with the goal of selling your product in mass.


Landscaping prior art and securing your intellectual property through patents and trademarks is a critical component to successfully license or commercialize your invention. Enhance can guide you through these matters by employing expert registered patent attorneys and help you navigate this complicated process.

Manufacturing Sourcing

If you need your products produced domestically or overseas, Enhance is poised to source your product quickly and help you hit price windows established by your customers and the marketplace. Making the trip overseas to establish manufacturing is a daunting task alone. Instead, utilize Enhance’s team on the ground overseas to work with factories on your behalf and coordinate logistics.

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