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Product Design and Development Services for Companies

Product Development Services

Whether you are a first-time inventor, a small start-up or an established company, Enhance can complement your business by delivering inspirational product design and development that will drive your bottom line. Our clients range from houseware companies to direct response television (infomercial) firms; so if you have an idea for a new product in consumer markets let Enhance tailor fit solutions for you.

Our Capabilities

From simple plastic products to complex mechanical and electronic devices, we can steer your products in the right direction.

Our capabilities consist of the following:

Product Evaluation

Patent Search and Market Research

Through our evaluation program we can provide vital market intelligence through patent and prior art searches. Our vetting process even includes legal analysis and an opinion from a registered patent attorney to provide guidance as you move forward with your invention.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Industrial design is our specialty. We are enthusiastic and passionate about the creative process and are dedicated to delivering designs that spark consumer appeal and demand. So if you are seeking to add new SKUs to your product line, reinvigorate stagnant products, or test new concepts with buyers or customers, we can deliver all of your design needs.

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Engineering Services


Professionally developed engineering drawings and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are the basis for getting an invention idea developed. At Enhance, our industrial designers and engineers can develop the files necessary so that a manufacturer can tool-up or so that you can professionally pitch your product to licensees or investors.

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Prototyping Services


Developing samples to test and refine the concept prior to production is a crucial step in the product development process. Our engineering group can take the designs and bring them to real life samples using cost effective rapid prototyping means. From 3D printing plastic parts to developing patterns for cut and sew soft goods, our team is equipped and ready to dig in.

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Provisional Application for Patent

Patent Application and Filing

Securing your intellectual property through patents and trademarks is a critical component to successfully license or commercialize your invention. Enhance can guide you through these matters by employing expert registered patent attorneys and help you navigate this complicated process.

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Manufacturing Sourcing

Manufacturing Sourcing

If you need your products produced domestically or overseas, Enhance is poised to source your product quickly and help you hit price windows established by your customers and the marketplace. Making the trip overseas to establish manufacturing is a daunting task alone. Instead, utilize Enhance's team on the ground overseas to work with factories on your behalf and coordinate logistics.

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Marketing, Sell Sheets, Video Production


Whether you are seeking investors or looking to sell your product to buyers or end-users, the marketing message is a key component to success. That includes the unique selling proposition, feature/benefits, and even the graphic design of sell-sheets, presentations or a promotional video. At Enhance we provide our clients with product-focused marketing consultation and delivery with one goal in mind...selling your product.

Custom Mobile App Development

Web and Mobile App Development

Web and mobile applications have become a mainstay in our lives. At Enhance, we can develop custom applications that your customers will love. From Android to iOS platforms, our developers can create inspiring designs with intuitive operation. Strategy, design, development and launch into Google Play and/or the Apple iTunes Store is included.

Our Approach

At Enhance, we start by ensuring our customers know exactly what the development plan is for their product. For design services, we provide quotes with detailed deliverables, and for more extensive services, we break your project up into phases that are clearly defined with benchmarks before proceeding to the next phase. Our project managers will keep in close contact with you to keep you updated throughout the process and ensure you are satisfied with the direction your product is headed.

Turn-key and Scalable Product Development Services

At Enhance, we can take care of all steps of product development, from ideation sketches to manufacturing. No matter which services you decide to utilize, we will provide you with materials that can be used immediately to help sell your idea. Additionally, if your product grows and you need additional services, we are always available to help you with the increased demand.

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“The 3D renderings, logo and sell sheet were awesome! I was very pleased with the feedback that was provided along the way. Lastly, I'm extremely pleased on how quick my rough drawings came alive for me to present my project to companies.”

Joe K., Dubuque, IA

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