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Patent and Prior Art Searches for Your Invention

Patent and Prior Art Searches

Patent Search Services

Prior to investing significant time, effort and resources into developing and patenting your invention, researching existing prior art that may be similar to your invention is important.

Not only will it provide you with market intelligence to determine if your invention is novel or worth pursuing, but it will also help in product development so that our designers can seek to develop solutions and features that are unique to your invention.

Below is some important information on our patent searches, which we recommend for any inventor who has just conceived a new invention idea.

What's Included

The patent and prior art searches provide a list of issued patents that may be similar to your invention. They are divided into two separate lists based on apparent relevance to your idea or concept. Further, the full patents are provided for ease of research as well as to add for your records.

The research also discloses the research methodology used in uncovering the patents listed including keywords, features, classes, sub-classes, etc.

Legal Opinion of Patentability

Included in our report is a legal opinion of patentability by a registered patent attorney that provides an opinion on the relative likelihood that you will be issued a patent for your invention. It is important to note that, whereas all effort is made to provide comprehensive research to determine patentability, the patent and prior art search cannot guarantee that your invention will be granted a patent.

Through our unique collaboration, inventors are able to get quality prior art research, product development and intellectual property law knowhow under one roof at a fraction of the cost.

Price and Turnaround Time

The total price for the patent and prior art search is $399 and generally it is completed within 3-7 business days.

Getting Started

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Disclaimer: Please note that Enhance Product Development is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide you with legal advice, consultation or services. The patent search is a collaboration performed with a registered patent attorney who provides our clients with legal services, such as the legal opinion of patentability.

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