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Successful Invention License - Hot Buns

Taylor Baldwin, Hot Buns™

When Taylor noticed a growing fad on YouTube for making hair buns with tube socks, she knew there was an untapped market for a product that women and girls would love. As a successful television personality and pitch woman for As Seen On TV products, she began exploring solutions that would work and wanted to introduce the product herself on a commercial she would produce.

It was at the Housewares Show when we initially sat down with her to explore her concept. Within a week our designers ordered nearly every hair product being sold on the market, getting immersed in the industry and testing what worked (and what didn't) on the female staff members in our office. Then, working in concert with Ms. Baldwin, our designers sketched numerous solutions and began crude prototyping to test the various ways the product could be constructed.

Finally, Taylor and our designers were able to select the best embodiment to be sold on television and Enhance completed prototyping to be used in the commercial test. The good news is the product has been a hit, and we are delighted to be apart of the design and prototyping components of the project!

Hot Buns™ Infomercial

Selling At Major Retail Stores and National Chains

You can purchase Hot Buns™ at the major retail stores below, various salons and beauty shops. Click here to learn more.

Enhance Success - Hot Buns Retailers

Successful Invention License - Carolyne Keane

Carolyn Keane, PaintSmart-Trayz™

If you've ever had to paint using a ladder, you know exactly how difficult and dangerous it can be. Balancing on the ladder with a paint tray is nearly impossible and constantly going up and down to apply paint to your roller is tedious and tiring! That very problem was the inspiration that lead Carolyn Keane, a Licensed Interior Designer and Realtor turned inventor from Lake Worth, Florida, to conceive and develop her new invention, the "PaintSmart-Trayz".

Carolyn's ingenious new concept is easy to carry and conveniently hangs horizontally on a step ladder or vertical on an extension ladder to keep your hands free to safely paint. It also gives you a place to hang the roller while you are using the brush and overall makes work on the ladder more efficient and safer.

Enhance immediately fell in love with the product and began work on refining the design, developing the new promotional material and generating interest from potential licensees. In two short months Enhance had a license agreement in place, just in time for the 2011 National Hardware Show, where it was exhibited and pitched to major retailers worldwide.

"I was really impressed with Enhance's professionalism, ingenuity and speed to market," says Carolyn. "It is tough starting with your first item. Getting the product onto store shelves was exhausting; it felt like I was always spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Now that Enhance got a deal in place for me with a great licensee, we are excited to see the product in major retail chains!"

Already Selling in Stores!

The product is already available at Ace Hardware, several independent hardware stores around the country, and following the National Hardware Show there is a great deal of interest from the large home centers such as Home Depot. To learn more about her product, visit her website at

Available At: New Invention Available At Ace Hardware

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Joe K., Dubuque, IA

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